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Letter: Look at quality candidates before big-spending hopefuls

As I go about town, I am beginning to see more and more lawn signs for various candidates that are seeking election. One person asked me why I (a candidate for the Nobles County Board of Commissioner) don't have any lawn signs out. Well the answer is simple. My campaign simply doesn't have the budget for those sort of expenses.

That brings me to the point I'd like to make. In this election season we have seen outrageous amounts of money spent on ads, signs, leaflets, mailers etc. It seems to me that the merit of the candidate doesn't necessarily matter, but the amount of money that candidate has to spend does. And that, to me, is truly maddening. As the primary approaches, I find myself becoming a little worried that money is going to trump the overall quality of the candidates and their ideas.

I have a second point to make, if I may. I realize that I am a person who is fairly new to Worthington and Nobles County (three years now), but I do believe that I have some great ideas that I could bring to the office of county commissioner. Both of my opponents are great people, and they want to help serve Nobles County and make it a better place. However, I feel it is time to get some new blood on the county board. It is time for my generation to step up and show an interest in government and their community. I have spoken to people, and they appreciate my bluntness when I speak of the state of our county. I would like to make it clear that Nobles County is a great place to live, but the way we run our government needs to change drastically.

The time of secrets and hostility in the county government is over. I would really love to serve the people of Nobles County, and I would appreciate your vote in the primary election Tuesday.