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Letter: Manna Food Pantry campaign exceeds goal

The Minnesota FoodShare March food campaign has ended with tremendous results. The Allen Shawn Feinstein campaign will continue adding funds to donations through April.

This year, we set a goal of requesting 50 percent more donations than last year. This was a big stretch based on all the other campaigns requesting contributions in the past several months. But businesses, individuals, civic groups and churches throughout Nobles County stepped in with outstanding results and exceeded this goal to help feed the hungry and needy families in our community. We are extremely thankful for this support.

Last year, the Manna Food Pantry distributed nearly 2 million pounds of food to 8,337 families throughout Nobles County. This does not include the number of families that came to the food shelf but did not qualify because they were not living in the country or were not in crisis. For a speaker at your next meeting or if you have any questions or donations, call me at 360-2535.