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Letter: Many questions to ask when considering immigration policy

After hammering on the immigration issue for the past 18 years, I am at my wit's end on how to alert complacent American citizenry as to its children's ominous future. What's more, I don't think anyone understands their horrific endowment to future generations of our civilization, i.e., our kids.

For a fact, I know the U.S. Congress and the past five presidents did not and our current president does not understand the final ramifications of unrelenting immigration. They stand blind, deaf, dumb and stupid to the accelerating drama within our civilization.

At our current rate of legal and illegal immigration, plus their children, our country will watch the addition of 72 million immigrants, mostly from third world countries within 24 years. Do you get that? Do you comprehend the ramifications of that number? Do you appreciate the environmental impact? Can you ever engage an infinitesimal understanding of the sociological impact? How about the cultural impact? Have you given any moment to the quality of life impact of adding 72 million immigrants? How about the U.S. standard of living impact? How about water, energy, species extinction and pollution impact? How about carbon footprint as well as ecological footprint?