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Letter: More information needed on Germans' visit

Are the Germans coming? You'd never know. No posters, no information in the Globe and no chatter about who- what-when-where-why.

I am very displeased. I have been fortunate to go on three trips to Crailsheim. The City of Crailsheim gets hyped up about our visit, welcomes us to town with the City Band playing when we get off the bus, and basically the "Red Carpet" is rolled out for the week.

Our sister-city relationship is just that -- for the whole city. Not just the planning committee, nor the Chamber of Commerce or the host families, but for all of us.

Why is this losing its purpose? We teach our children about the history of this city relationship, encourage them to take German in school and strive to be the next exchange student.

Through the grapevine, we heard that more host families were needed. Why was this not advertised? I am asking that the schedule of events for their stay be posted soon, and the public informed of how they can help and what events they can attend.

Vielen Dank für liest dies! (Thank you for reading this!)