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Letter: Music, auditorium are both top-notch

My children and I were recently treated by their grandmother to a performance of "Beauty and the Beast" last weekend. Having grown up in Worthington in a home that is a stone's throw from the auditorium, I found I was curious, excited and also skeptical about a small-town performance. Was I ever surprised at the caliber of the performances I witnessed. I use the word "performances" -- plural -- because not only did I have expectations of the cast, I had expectations for the building. Both performed superbly!

Anyone who attends "Beauty and Beast" can attest to the top-notch quality of the acting, vocals and dancing displayed. My kudos to the director, vocal coach and choreographers, not to mention the crew and costume department, which offered their own kind of genius.

Now living in the Twin Cities, I have the option to attend world-class theatrical productions of opera, dance, musical and acting performances that are ample in number and demonstrate differing venues. Memorial Auditorium, with its recent updates, sophisticated lobby improvements and upscale bathrooms, presents much like a metropolitan establishment with the added plus of history, larger more comfortable seating, ample leg room, and, in my case, the nostalgia that comes from having graced that same stage as a youth in various band and choir extravaganzas.

My congratulations to the Worthington Memorial Auditorium Performing Arts Center, the cast and crew of "Beauty and the Beast" and the city of Worthington. It is my hope that this building with its various offerings will go on to entertain and fulfill the expectations of people like me and my family for generations to come.