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Letter: Neighbors make newcomer feel welcome

My family and I recently moved into a home on Bristol Street. During the recent storm I discovered just how blessed this move was for my family. Not only did we got a wonderful house, but we also have great neighbors. I made this discovery on Christmas Day when I was blowing snow.

I walked out of my house to find three snowblowers and several people with shovels removing snow from sidewalks and driveways of each others' home. I fired up my snowblower, and as a group we worked together to help each other. One of my new neighbors stopped his snowblower near me, welcomed me to the neighborhood, and told me that "we take care of each other."

My neighbors at my previous house were great, and during the years I spent there I made some truly good friends. It was sad to move away from them, but that sadness was soon lifted by my new neighbors. I give thanks to the Lord for this blessing and give him all the credit for the success in my life.