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Letter: New library is important for our future

Do we need a library for our children? Yes!

Watching a child open a book is like watching a play or musical as the curtain is drawn open -- expectation, excitement, moving the words off the page to come alive. The words drape the child like a blanket wrapped securely surrounding him with comfort and wonder.

The interaction of having the words and pictures come alive with activities accompanying the reading of books only enhances the richness of those marvelously filled pages.

Yes, we need technology to take us places where we cannot get with just the books, but they can be used together to make the experience richer.

If we do not have a place where the children are exposed to interaction, taking the written words off the page, enriching the reading with all available techniques and supplemental materials, we have done an injustice to our children.

Have you ever gone into the library when they are having the children's programs? If not, you need to go in and see all the marvelous things that are happening in those tight corners of the children's room.

The numbers that pass through those doors each month are staggering.

Not all families are able to provide the latest technology tools to their children. It is a gift to all when we can enable them to have access to these electronic wonders of this time.

Consider a gift of time and monetary donations to continue to provide a wealth of books to the most precious commodity that we have -- our children.