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Letter: New library would enhance community

Regarding the recent discussions about the need for a new library, I feel the need to contribute.

For over 50 years, my family and I have utilized the services of our local library. It has served this community well. However, the need for expanded and updated services has now come.

Technology has brought a new horizon and we need to be in a position to offer new programs including E-reader technology, and expanded computer services coupled with continued offerings of hand-held newsprint and hard-copy books.

A new library could only benefits the current efforts of the Worthington City Council to offer updated and modern amenities for anyone looking to make Worthington the home of their business or family.

Worthington is a great place to call home. Let's not put ourselves in the position of playing catch-up. A decision needs to be made now that puts Worthington in the place of frontrunner when it comes to where people choose to locate their business. Businesses mean homes, and homes mean taxes. Tax money can only help to enhance the livability factor here.

Let's all shed a positive light on reading, education and computer technology by saying YES to a new library.