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Letter: New motel shouldn't get city money

This is a message of support to the letter published Thursday in the Daily Globe.

I do not support the investment or loans for another motel, apparently to be attached to the "Convention Center." The market does not support this. We already have many motels, from the very modest to the very luxurious.

I would ask our city fathers to focus on bringing new jobs to our city. The motels and restaurants will be followed by private investors when the demand is there.

Windom assembles the top-rated Toro Mower, and Lawnboy products. Spirit Lake, Iowa, produces Garcia fishing products, Polaris products and Victory motorcycles, and now they will produce Indian Motorcycles.

These type of jobs are what we need.

I would support free land, and even a free building and start-up costs, as well as free property taxes for 30 years for any company we can attract. This would be a worthy investment of even $5 million of city money or more.

We need more good jobs. Let's be bold and do whatever it takes to attract manufacturing jobs right here. We are located on two interstate roads. Our location is perfect.

Do not spend money on projects that nobody wants.