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Letter: New outdoor pool would draw people to Worthington

I'd like to express my sincere hope that Worthington will build a new outdoor city pool to meet the needs of this community.

Growing up, I participated in swim club and eventually became a coach. I taught swimming lessons, became a lifeguard, coordinated the swim program and went on to manage the outdoor city pool. There were so many great memories and life lessons that were the result of the community pool.

A larger pool would provide those same experiences to more people in Worthington and the surrounding communities. With more space, swimming lessons, swim club and water aerobics could accommodate more participants at one given time. Room for every age range and activity level is needed, so patrons can enjoy their time at the pool in a safe manner.

Features such as zero depth entry, multiple play structures, sunshades, slides and even small lazy rivers are available at many city pools these days. Space for those not swimming would also be helpful. Plenty of deck room allows patrons to lounge and relax while enjoying a beautiful summer day. Many facilities offer specific grass areas for sunbathing or picnicking. Other features such as concessions, eating areas and even a place for events should be available.

I have lived in Worthington for three years now. I met my husband here. As a young couple who is investing our time and money here, we would like to see this town prosper. I realize that we have a city pool, and I am not writing to discredit it. I only hope that one day we can have a larger pool with the wide array of amenities that are now available to aquatic facilities -- a pool that will draw people to Worthington instead of away from it. Anyone who feels the same can check out "New Outdoor Pool for the City of Worthington" on Facebook.