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Letter: Pawlenty's balancing act is wrong

Governor Pawlenty's plan to use unallotment to balance Minnesota's budget is wrong for Minnesota for many reasons. His plan eliminates Minnesota jobs (proportionally more in rural communities than urban), pushes large chunks of debt into the future without a way to pay for it and sets a bad precedent for future governors.

In democracies, such as our national and state governments, power is balanced between three branches of government. It works only when the branches don't overstep their limits; and it works best when they engage in give and take negotiations. Gov. Pawlenty refused to give an inch and demanded things go all his way.

The governor's decision to go it alone and his unprecedented use of unallotment, while ignoring the elected representatives of the people, was wrong. But he isn't concerned about that. He is too focused on potential presidential campaign ads bragging about his tough stance on the budget to give much thought to our state's future.