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Letter: Re-elect Benson to Nobles County board

After reading Teresa Widboom's letter to the editor, I feel the need to respond. My support goes with Dave Benson, Matt Widboom's opponent.

Teresa Widboom stated, "Matt has engaged in frequent, honest conversations with citizens." He has not come to my home. The first time Dave came, I was gardening, so I was unaware he was there. He talked to my husband. Dave returned three more times before he found me home. As a former county employee who has followed the events of the past few years closely, I had questions, so I appreciated his efforts to talk to voters.

Dave Benson has always been a strong supporter of public health. I heard from others who attended commissioner meetings that as the agency was dismantled, Dave was a lone voice in opposition as others went along with the administrator's wishes. Only as more people and departments were affected by decisions did more commissioners seem to realize it had to stop. There has been much anger and distrust, not only by county employees but by many citizens. I believe Dave realized that, so he is attempting to meet many voters as possible.

The quote "unless we learn from the past, we are bound to repeat it" seems to apply. Mrs. Widboom's statement, "Healing happens in homes and hospitals," surprised me. As a nation, we were all affected by 9-11. and in need of healing. Assassinations, wars and scandals all require healing on many levels. Right now, our country is in the healing process.

Our commissioners have taken the first steps in moving forward. I'm confident Dave Benson will continue that process, as a public servant to the people of Nobles County.