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Letter: Remember, we're the land of the free

Before we swallow whole and choke on the ridiculous rhetorical propagandizing spew of the right-wingers, let us not forget that unless you are a Native American, we all are immigrants. Whether it was parents, grandparents, great-great grandparents or even beyond, we all originate from somewhere else.

Did these immigrants come to "destroy our country and our way of life?" I don't believe that, and neither should anyone.

I am weary of reading misinformation, outright lies and otherwise ignorant grumblings about this issue of immigration. The commentaries I see here are pseudo-intellectual rationalizations clouded in covert racism. No matter how logical sounding their argument appears, these complaints are motivated by fear to promote more fear and are all based upon one thing only -- skin color.

It wasn't too long ago in our history the largest immigrant group was German. There also was the Irish. And, even more closer to home, the Scandinavians. It was common then, too, that many households had at least one adult of whom which spoke only a foreign language. Now descendants of the same cry for "English only!" How ironic.

So, no, our current immigrants need not fall to the demands of right-wing wannabe dictators. They do not have to "adapt to us." This fallacy of thinking goes against what this country is about and what makes us great.

Immigrants are here to work, raise their families, and contribute -- just like the Italians, Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, eastern Europeans and all the rest. The presumptive idea they are here to "destroy our country and our way of life" exists only in the mind of a bigot.

Right-wing blowhards say they are the "true Americans" and are patriotic. As we all are aware, patriotism is the last refuge for scoundrels.