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Letter: Restaurant's name should not have been mentioned

I have enjoyed the Daily Globe for years and appreciate the manner in which the news and views are portrayed. However, in reading the article on the Local Latino Study, I felt compelled to comment.

When sharing the results in this study, I was offended that Burger King was specifically mentioned as opposed to stating something such as, a local fast food restaurant. When reporting on such sensitive topics, I feel it is important to keep the integrity of the people or businesses involved intact.

In this article, the following was reported, "One male participant related an experience with an employee at Burger King. "She looked at us, making disgusting faces. She kept looking at us and whispering things like, 'Oh, these people aren't welcome here,'" was his comment as recorded in the literature review."

One person was quoted, yet that could affect this particular business. Did you speak with Burger King and ask the manager about this? Did you check to see if the employee received consequences for their actions? Without sharing this information as well, I feel naming the business specifically was inappropriate.

The manager of Burger King serves breakfast for students of the month every single month and has done this for years. Our students are of many ethnic backgrounds, yet all of them are treated with kindness and respect ... regardless of their skin color. I asked the manager, Chad, to speak to students about job opportunities and the interview process last summer. Chad came in with enthusiasm and great information, along with a coupon for a free Whopper for all. Again, the students were of many different ethnic backgrounds.

I want the community to be aware of the great things this local business does for our youth and hope all people are aware that the actions of one employee should not taint the view of consumers about Burger King. In the future, when such comments are made, I hope that we are provided with both angles so that businesses are not affected in a negative fashion.