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Letter: So much for weapons of mass destruction

By Michael Marcotte, Rushmore

Woe be to those all delusional who believe that horrible death due to poison gas — leaving men, women and, grimly, children, gasping and twitching like flies sprayed with insecticide — is of less importance than promoting some “invisible holocaust” of their own political agenda of unsubstantiated claims in compliant of our own constitutional society.

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Whether it be elementary students riddled and mutilated in a hail of bullets by insane gunmen — or be it killings at the hands of a brutal dictator acting in direct violation of a worldwide ban on any implementation of a devastating and indiscriminate use of a weapon of mass destruction — using such bad news of such heinous acts to, once again, skip any significance and proceed in raising issues long settled by a duly appointed judiciary, clashes with reality and confronting evil in our world.

Merciless and deliberate, these killings appear to have little or no impact on the morality and ethics on so many claiming piety and so willing to lecture others on their own sense of right and wrong. There is no higher moral ground on which to stand when faced with hard evidence, proof positive of abhorrent acts of mass murder. Instead, the sanctimonious retreat to their remote fortification of a lost argument.

“The wise shall inherit glory; But shame shall be the promotion of fools.” — Proverbs 3:35.