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Letter: Solving Lake Okabena's algae problem

I am writing in response to the letter of March 21 from an individual who thought that Lake Okabena was being ruined by goose poop. I don't believe this to be true.

I think that the algae problem would be solved if Lake Okabena was not maintained at a level that is too high for it to naturally have enough emergent and submergent growth to use up the phosphorus that is coming into the lake from the surrounding land. However, if it is the goose poop that is the culprit, the North Heron Lake Game Producers Association can be given the credit for their apology for coming into being by masking it behind an effort to restore the Canada Goose to the area and buying mated pairs of geese and protecting them on Heron Lake until a population had been established. (This project also served them in helping to keep a public access from being established on North Heron Lake.)

They are now a pest in the area and just wait -- the next pest will be even bigger. Their current project is restoring the Trumpeter Swan to the area. (If you think a Canada Goose can poop, just wait until you see what a Trumpeter Swan can do.) Will the DNR have to have an early swan season to try to control their numbers? There are any number of possibilities. (None of them good). The Heron Lake Watershed District assists, as usual.