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Letter: Still sad for Sandy Hook victims - and countless others

Whenever I read the paper of watch TV, Sandy Hook Elementary hits me as bad as when it happened -- and to think about the poor parents and what they are going through.

The president and our leaders talk about doing something about it, as they should.

We can only think when those little angels look down and see their parents, friends and people around the world crying their hearts our for them. When Mom and Dad come to heaven they will be there to say, "Hi Mom. Hi Dad," and then they will all be together forever.

But on the other hand, I feel sorry for the little angels that someday will be looking down from heaven with nobody looking up and crying for them. That's because nobody cares -- they were just aborted and thrown away.

So, let's pray that our president and leaders can come up with a way to stop people from shooting and aborting our little ones.