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Letter: Street lighting proposal lacks leadership

This is in response to the Globe article outlining the City Council's consideration for the use of a special charge in lieu of property taxes to finance the operation of the city's street lighting system.

Lighting is a public safety issue equivalent to police and fire protection, and is essentially why we pay taxes. If not, turn the lights off for they are an unnecessary luxury.

Buildings don't benefit from street lights; people do. Yet, your total plan of revenue is focused on buildings. If a single dwelling of people benefit $4.35 worth per month, then a full apartment of 20 families of people benefit equally, at $4.35 each family ($87). Let's not get carried away with a free ride for my landlord buddies! Besides, they'll figure out how to pass the cost on!

Exempting open spaces and vacant properties is not equal justice for all! Remember, every property is owned by someone, Consequently, that someone is benefitting and should be required to pay equally.

Bottom line: You ran for office, told everyone what great leaders you are, now prove it. If you can't afford the lights? Rebudget! If you can't cut, then raise taxes. Work through problems; don't just stick your constituents because it's easy.