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Letter: Support of many made YMCA experience possible

In 2004, a new door opened up for me. I had become part of the Senior Community Service Employment Program. It was through this open door of (SMOC) where I was able to learn new skills to prepare me for the next open door before me. If it wasn't for the (SMOC) staff and their patience in working with me, I wouldn't have gotten the support or skills training that would prepare me for that next door.

I stepped through the doors of the Worthington Area YMCA, where I had the privilege of being a part of the front desk staff for seven years. For some, this might seem like a job. For me, it wasn't a job at all -- not one day was work. Meeting people as they came to the YMCA in the mornings was fun and enjoyable for me. I was able to not only provide them with a welcoming hello as they came through the door; I was able, thanks to SMOC, register them for programming, help them become new members and give to them a little piece of what the YMCA has meant to me.

Being a part of the YMCA family I have realized just how much time, hard work and dedication it takes from staff members. Full- time staff members Andy, Mark, C.J., Ryan and Connie give 110 percent of themselves every day, and this I am thankful for. Without them and their support, I know that my door at the YMCA would not remain open.

As much as the door of the YMCA was open for me, it is also open for members of the community. It takes the hard work of the YMCA staff to keep things running, to keep doors open to support the many programs running for members of the community. With community support the YMCA can offer programming for children, adults and even seniors like me. Without community support going through those open doors programs struggle, people struggle -- I would have struggled. Without community support, the doors that opened for me may not open for others. The Worthington YMCA means so much to me, as well as the staff and members of the community. With continued community support, I am so blessed to continue to be able to walk through those open doors of the YMCA.

Even though I may not be walking though those open doors as a member of the YMCA staff, I am still walking through the open doors of the YMCA as a member. I am thankful to all who have helped open doors for me along my journey, SMOC and the YMCA. I am truly blessed to belong to SMOC, the YMCA and the community of Worthington.