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Letter: Thanks for Turkey Trotters feature

Hats off and a big thank You to Beth Rickers for the story of the Turkey Trotters and their 60th anniversary of the club, which they will be celebrating on Saturday night. Non-square dancers, who have any interest at all in square dancing after reading some history of the club and the testimonials of dancers, should be inspired enough to consider taking modem square dance lessons this fall. We are eager to share our hobby with you.

Here are just a few remarks about modem square dancing that might add to your interest. We are not "hillbilly". We dance to a variety of music including modern, country western, gospel, patriotic, rock and roll etc. We have relaxed the dress code to include prairie skirts if you would rather not wear the "fluffy" skirts. Of course you know about the friendships and the value of the exercise, which is endorsed by the American Heart Association. It is an inexpensive, fun hobby.

The invitation is open to all to attend the 60th anniversary dance party at St. Mary's School starting at 7 p.m. Saturday. Jerry Junck, a national caller and friend of the Turkey Trotters, will be calling. It will be a good time to reminisce with former dancers and enjoy a lot of laughs.

The invitation is also open to all ages to come to lessons at West Learning Center at 7 p.m. Monday. Lessons are free.

Thank you for letting us tell you about our favorite hobby for all ages.