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Letter: Water woes put damper on city activities

In the Globe recently, the entire front page (it seemed) was dedicated to water. All use of outdoor water for the citizens of Worthington has been banned. Yes, I know we are in a drought even though we've been having rain -- and snow -- but this ban will have huge repercussions this summer.

Why bother trying to plant anything if we can't water what we plant? The trees a bank graciously gave away aren't going to make it, because on the same page, it was said trees should not be planted because of how much water they take. If we buy the plants and put them in the ground or pots, they're just doomed to die unless we go buy gallons and gallons of water at the grocery store.

If we don't plant anything, why would greenhouses even open? They can water until they sell out, according to council, but why bother? People aren't going to purchase if they can't water. There goes business for them.

Also, kids won't be allowed to have so much as a baby pool in their yards -- or the big pools for older kids. How disappointing to take away all that summer fun after such a horrible spring.

Go to the Y? For a lot of us, the fees there are a killer. Join, or pay for a day? What if you have too many bills but have a higher income and still can't afford to go? Also, the Y is a considerable distance from many people. Kids don't have rides because parents work, and it's too far to walk when it's blazing hot outside.

I am thinking a new outdoor pool would be a great benefit for the community. The Y is great if you can afford it and want to drive back and forth for your kids to swim every day, but it's become a monopoly on water enjoyment in our community.

I'm praying for nightly rains so we can have sunny days. If we don't get rain and can't use water outside, our community is going to be a very unattractive city with a lot of bored kids this summer.