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Letter: Watering ban should be in effect for all

I'll start off by saying I'm very thankful for all the rain we have received. While it may be a bit much for farmers, it has certainly helped keep my lawn green and my rain barrel full for the duration of the watering ban in Worthington.

The city certainly seems to be keeping on top of the situation by giving citations and/or tickets to those violating the ban with illegal watering and slip-n-slides and such. But it has come to my attention that while a majority of us go without the privilege of using water however we like, the city given approval for residents along the lake and tributaries to pump water from lake for watering their lawn, etc.

I hardly think it is fair for the city to cite people for illegal water use and then turn around and approve the wasting of water for others. I say either enforce the ban on everyone or lift it altogether. And I believe a good deal of the town will agree with me.