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Letter: Widboom would bring fresh perspective to county board

It's 2:00 a.m. and it just occurred to me ... I'm sleeping with a difference-maker. His name is Matt Widboom. He's deep in sleep resting his brain from a long day's work, and after assisting our 4-year old daughter with a trip to the potty, mine is overflowing with thoughts of him and the upcoming election. After tossing my thoughts around in the dark, I've decided they shed far too much light to sleep away.

If elected, my husband will be the youngest on the board of commissioners by nearly 25 years. As concerned citizens, if we desire growth in our county, and want to continue to attract young people to live, work and carry on its rich traditions, should we not elect a hard-working, young candidate to bring fresh perspective to the decision-making process?

As a farmer and radio broadcaster Matt has spent half his life informing the public, not just with what they may want to know but what they deserve to know. Someone like Matt Widboom, who is getting the real story, listening openly and engaging in frequent, honest conversations with citizens and county employees alike, will serve you better. It has been said that over the past several months Nobles County has gone through a "healing process." But, let's be real. Healing happens in homes and hospitals. Hear the word "healing" in local government and you know it's time for change. It is time to move forward. Let's embrace change, go to the polls together and elect a young, visionary leader.

It has been nearly 10 years since Matt asked me to grow old with him, and when he did he warned me that there was one other commitment for which he would need my support ... his commitment to give back to our community. His rock-solid faith in God, love and loyalty to our family, and forward-thinking, others-focused attitude is what sets him apart. As happily married third-generation farmers, we have four small children and wear many hats in our community.

Over the past few weeks many have asked, "How will Matt have time for yet another job?" I believe each volunteer role and board position has equipped Matt for his next step on the path of service. He has chosen to refocus his commitments with volunteer organizations in order to devote more time and energy to this new role. There comes a time when it is appropriate to step aside and let others with new energy and perspective continue the work that must be done to ensure a well-positioned future. The time has come. My husband, Matt Widboom, is the difference-maker for this job.

Now, maybe I can get some sleep. If only he'd quit snoring!