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Letter: Worthington should bear brunt of library project

A recent article in the Globe said that only 23 percent of "Nobles County Library" cardholders live outside the city of Worthington. So, 77 percent of the cardholders must be Worthington residents.

I believe the actual use of the library is even a higher percent of Worthington residents on a day-to- day basis, which means it is a de facto city of Worthington library and not a county library. The city of Worthington should be paying most of the wages and operating expense of the library, as well as the cost of building a new library in much the same way as the city of Sioux Falls does.

I am one of the 23 percent of non-Worthington library cardholders, but it has been so many years since I've actually used the library that I intend to cancel my library card the next time I visit Worthington. I think it would be a good idea for others of the 23 percent who don't actually use their card to do the same.