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Letter: Writer says sheriff candidate not his "puppet"

In a recent issue of the Globe, Osceola County Attorney Bob Hansen tried to smear Sheriff candidate Matt Block by "connecting" him to me. His obstacle in this is that Mr. Block comes from some well-respected families here in Osceola County.

What's so odd is that Hansen, the top law enforcement official in the county, has yet to even offer an apology for the county's role in breaking the law against me, as the federal judge determined. Further, he has never thanked me for refusing any financial compensation for the harm they did to me, compensation the federal judge wanted to make the county pay. No, Hansen just keeps up the county's bullying campaign against me.

I am a political consultant who works in nine states. When Matt Block asked me to help his campaign for sheriff, how could I say no? It's what I do for a living.

For those who think that just because I took this job, that Mr. Block is now my "puppet" -- I suggest they don't know Matt Block. Further, I'd encourage them to ask Osceola County Supervisor Larry Pedley and County Treasurer Becky Marco -- both of whom hired me to help in their campaigns for office -- if I have ever called them, even once, and attempted to assert some control or influence over how they conduct their offices. Yet I was "connected" to them, too.

If Osceola County Republicans want a Sheriff who will answer to God, to "We the People" and to the Constitution and laws of Iowa -- and, as a bonus, won't be sticking you with increasing legal claims from Federal lawsuits -- then vote for Matt Block Tuesday!

In the meantime, where Osceola County Attorney Bob Hansen has a personal beef with me, I'd suggest he invite me over for a cup of coffee sometime and see if we can talk it out privately.