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MNsure report finds mixed results

ST. PAUL — The second phase of a consultant’s report sends mixed signals about the performance of MNsure’s information technology system.

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On one hand, MNsure has been failing to track all the defects with its website, with the new report tallying 399 open defects — much higher than the 60 to 162 defects that officials thought they had to handle.

The finding prompted the consulting firm Deloitte to say problems with defect tracking could make it more difficult and costly for MNsure to implement fixes going forward.

Even so, the MNsure system has no major problems from a security or privacy perspective, according to the new report, which was presented to MNsure’s board of directors Wednesday.

Plus, MNsure has adequate “horsepower” to meet demands on the system, including an expected transition of some 800,000 people with public health insurance to the MNsure system over the next year, said Brian Keane, project principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“While the complexity of the system might be mitigated in the short-term with remedies such as increased staffing levels, long-term maintenance may be more difficult and costly,” Deloitte said in slides presented during a board meeting Wednesday in St. Paul.

The messages on MNsure’s performance came from the latest releases from a five-part review that Deloitte started to present last month. The June report concluded only 26 of 73 website functions at MNsure were working as expected.

Board members did not comment on the report’s findings about defects, but asked Keane for a general assessment of progress.

“The organization is mobilizing. The collective state project teams … are, frankly, rallying around this,” Keane replied. But he added: “I don’t want to paint too rosy a picture. … It’s going to be hard.”