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MSHSL passes District Football Scheduling for Minnesota high school football

MINNEAPOLIS- In a board meeting Thursday the Minnesota State High School League board of directors passed a proposal 19-1 known as District Football Scheduling. It will begin in the 2015 high school football season.

District Football Scheduling

- Scheduling groups would be created based on school size, geography and strength of programs. The group would consist of at least 16 or more schools whenever possible. The minimum size of any group would be 10 schools and districts could include teams from more than one class.

- A placement committee with representatives from areas around the state would put schools into scheduling groups. Decisions would be looked at by MSHSL's Activities Director Advisory Committee and must be approved by the MSHSL board of directors.

- Districts would be realigned every two years to adjust to changes in enrollment, nine-man teams, co-ops and programs being dropped.

- Enrollment difference in any group should be no more than a ratio of 2-to-1 and when possible the ratio would be less than 2-to-1.

- All schools have the chance to provide information such as important rivalries, travel issues and willingness to play larger schools or travel further for a harder schedule to the placement committee.

- Class 6A would follow the same plan as other classes and some Class 5A teams may be included in groups with 6A teams based on enrollment and geography.

- Each school has to play all eight of its regular-season games within its district unless a district has an odd number of schools. If a district has an odd number of schools, Zero Week game will be used to have a full schedule or games could be scheduled against out-of-state teams.

- Each district would create schedules for teams in the district. Districts can create conferences or other sub-groups within the district.

The MSHSL board also voted unanimously to move softball from three classes to four classes in 2015.