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Murray County Medical Center CEO to leave the hospital

In a press release issued by Davis Communications Management, it has been confirmed that Murray County Medical Center's chief executive offier, Mel Snow, left his position, effective March 14.

The release is as follows:

Slayton-- Murray County Medical Center's chief executive officer, Meldon Snow, formally left his position effective Friday, March 14. The hospital's seven member board accepted Snow's resignation and will be launching a search for his replacement.

“We appreciate Mel’s years of service to our community. The Board will begin the search for a new CEO immediately,” said hospital board chair Bob Moline. “The Murray County Medical Center is special because it has remained publically owned and managed,” Moline said “There are a lot of rumors about selling the hospital to one of the private healthcare systems. They are not true.”

“The Murray County Medical Center is not for sale. We are committed to keeping Murray County Medical Center a publicly owned and operated hospital. We firmly believe it is in the best interests of our community.”

bed "critical access hospital" that has served Slayton and surrounding communities since 1950. Snow became chief executive officer in 2006. During his tenure, the hospital added a new 32,000 square foot addition, did extensive renovations on existing space and opened a 5,000 square foot clinic in Fulda. He also started a Murray County Medical Center Foundation.

"We have just finished a period of extraordinary growth as we added new specialties, new facilities and staff," said Moline. "Mel brought Murray County Medical Center into a new era."

Over the past six years, the Murray County Medical Center has recruited several physicians for specialties such as internal medicine, general surgery and orthopedics. In 2007 Murray County Medical Center participated in the development of Southwest Minnesota Radiology, which provides radiation therapy at a clinic in Worthington.

house ultrasound, MRI and mammography services. In 2012 patient revenue topped $17 million, $3 million more than when Snow arrived.

Employee salaries increased by $2.5 million during the same time period. The hospital is one of the county's largest employers, with more than 150 employees. The financial performance of the hospital has been strong. The accounting firm CliftonAllenLarson, which audits Murray County Medical Center, has ranked it against the top performing 35 "critical access hospitals" facilities in the country from 2009 to 2011.

The medical center outperformed industry leaders and peers in several financial categories ranging from “percent growth in net patient revenues” to debt service. The study compares Murray County Medical Center to 1,332 critical care hospitals in the country.