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MVTV continuing its regional growth

WORTHINGTON — Sometimes, bigger isn’t better. 

MVTV Wireless is a local wireless provider serving a large portion of southwest and central Minnesota — a combined area of more than 20,000 square miles — and well over 6,000 customers. To add to that, the company is always looking to expand.

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“Our mission is to provide fast, reliable broadband Internet and digital TV services at the lowest possible cost to our members,” explained Julie Foote, who works in sales and market development at MVTV. “Our goal is to promote the longevity and vitality of rural southwestern Minnesota. To achieve that goal, we are constantly looking for unserved or underserved communities that need our help.”

Foote said there are plans in place right now to grow.

“Our expansion plans include many new communities, including Lincoln, Nobles, Pipestone and Rock counties,” she said.

MVTV’s main office is located in Granite Falls, where it was founded in 1960. However, customer service representatives and technicians live all over the area.

“Within the past couple of years, we’ve nearly doubled our number of customer service representatives and technicians,” Foote explained. “Our technicians live in all corners of our service area.”

What sets MVTV apart from other providers is its culture, Foote said.

“We are a nonprofit, member-owned corporation made up of our members and stockholders who only pay a one-time fee,” she said. “Co-ops have continued to be successful in southwestern Minnesota because they focus on the needs of the members, not just return on investment. This sentiment drives our culture.”