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Nobles 4-H recognizes youth, adult leaders

BREWSTER -- Nobles County 4-H'ers and their families gathered in Brewster Saturday evening for the annual 4-H Achievement Banquet. The event recognizes youth and adult leaders for excellence in 4-H records, leadership and participation.

This year's "I Dare You" award, given to youth leaders who have excelled in 4-H, was presented to Tim Bents, Stephanie Lubben and Jessica Weitgenant.

Dean Christopherson, president of Nobles County Farm Bureau, presented the 4-H Key Award to outstanding youth leaders Sarah Jacobs and Anna Sauer.

Chosen to receive $250 Nobles County 4-H Scholarships were Stephanie Lubben, Erica Springman and Jessica Weitgenant.

The Friend of 4-H award was presented to Alan Langseth and Dale Solt.

Other awards presented during the evening include:

Top project records

Beef: Paige Gravenhof, Cody Gravenhof, Morgan Wieneke, Craig Soderholm, Deron Soderholm, Shelby Springman, Benjamin Cunningham, Kristi Lubben, Stephanie Lubben and Sadie Groenewold.

Dairy: Brandon Weidert, Abby Drenth and Sarah Cham.

Dog: Megan Blanchard, Ben Doeden, Bryan Doeden, Paige Gravenhof, Logan Ellenbecker, Ashly Kingery, Laura Lorang, Craig Correll, Nick Lorang and Kalani Steinmetz.

Goat: Cody Gravenhof, Laeela Steinmetz, Ashly Kingery, Dana Kingery, Ashley Zemler, Bridget Enninga and Heidi Enninga.

Horse: William Dudley, Natasha Meyer, Morgan Wieneke, Logan Ellenbecker, Haley Ruesch, Ellen Dudley, Laura Lorang, Brandon Weidert and Brent Reed.

Horseless Horse: Morgan Sauer.

Pets: Ben Doeden, Bryan Doeden and Jasmine Fletcher.

Poultry: Alicia Darling, Kenny Magnussen, Joshua Ramerth, Sarah Darling, Paul Duerr, Philip Duerr, Nick Lorang and Alex Ling.

Rabbit: Kayla Versluis, Jasmine Fletcher, Amanda Versluis and Sara Hartzler.

Sheep: MacKenzie Wagner, Morgan Wieneke, Austin Kamm, Tanner Kamm, Erica Springman, Shelby Springman, Derek Drenth, Kristi Lubben and Tim Bents.

Swine: Cody Froderman, Matthew Funk, Craig Soderholm, Benjamin Cunningham, Tim Bents, Sarah Jacobs, Bridget Enninga and Heidi Enninga.

Vet Science: Laura Lorang.

Clowning: Bridget Enninga and Heidi Enninga.

Creative Arts: Morgan Sauer, Mackenzie Wagner, Alissa Sauer, Megan Sauer, Abby Drenth, Derek Drenth and Travis Pedersen.

Performing Arts: Jessica Weitgenant.

Photography: Megan Blanchard, Ben Doeden, Logan Ellenbecker, Jasmine Fletcher, Andrew Hoffman, Lori Lubben, Ashley Zemler, Derek Drenth, Laura Lorang, Nick Lorang, Sarah Jacobs and Travis Pedersen.

Clothes You Buy: Andrea Fuerstenberg, Nicole Prins, Morgan Sauer, Paige Gravenhof, Alissa Sauer, Anna Sauer, Megan Sauer and Sarah Darling.

Clothes You Make: Morgan Sauer, Alissa Sauer, Anna Sauer, Megan Sauer, Kalani Steinmetz and Sara Hartzler.

Food & Nutrition: Alicia Darling, Bryan Doeden, Morgan Sauer, Jacie Lowe, Quinn Bents, Tanner Kamm, Brianna Darling, Alissa Sauer, Anna Sauer, Megan Sauer, Sarah Jacobs, Bridget Enninga and Heidi Enninga.

Food Preservation: Alissa Sauer, Anna Sauer and Megan Sauer.

Home Environment: Morgan Sauer, Jasmine Fletcher, Alissa Sauer and Anna Sauer.

Needle Arts: Jasmine Fletcher, Jessica Weitgenant.

Quilting: Morgan Sauer, Alissa Sauer, Anna Sauer, Megan Sauer and Sarah Jacobs.

Aerospace: Cody Froderman.

Computer: Brandon Heidebrink and Shane Pedersen.

Shop: Tim Bents.

Entomology: Megan Sauer.

Exploring the Environment: Travis Pedersen and Brandon Heidebrink.

Fishing Sports: Benjamin Cunningham.

Shooting Sports & Wildlife Management: Nicholas Demuth, Kenny Magnussen and Kody Magnussen.

Wildlife Biology: Megan Blanchard, Bryan Doeden, Dana Kingery and Benjamin Cunningham.

Consumer Education: Megan Blanchard.

Health & Safety: Claire Bents

Crop Sciences: Tim Bents.

Flower Gardening: Morgan Sauer, Jasmine Fletcher, Megan Sauer and Travis Pedersen.

Fruit: Heidi Enninga.

Lawn & Landscape: Jasmine Fletcher and Michael Patten.

Plants & Soils: Tim Bents.

Potato: Andrea Fuerstenberg, Sarah Darling.

Veg. Gardening: Zach Clark.

Self-determined: Morgan Sauer, Andrew Hoffman, Megan Sauer and Shane Pedersen.

4-H leadership awards

Young Achievers: Ben Ahlschlager, Levi Blanchard, Kyla Fuerstenberg, Josh Zemler, Mitchell Wagner, McKenzie Wieneke, Mason Ellenbecker, DJ Lambert, Nicolas Putnam, Andy Lira and Rylan Baumhoefner.

Top Scrapbook: Sarah Cham, Randa Knutson and Andy Lira, Ocheda Beavers 4-H Club; Dillon John and Morgan Wieneke, Grand Prairie Rockets 4-H Club; and Elyzabeth Coriolan and Haley Ruesch, Indian Lake Progressives 4-H Club.

Top Secretary: Heidi Enninga, Seward Trail Blazers 4-H Club; Olivia Stanton, Tri-49'ers 4-H Club; and Whitney Coriolan, Indian Lake Progressives 4-H Club.

Top Treasurer: Randa Knutson, Ocheda Beavers; Benjamin Cunningham, Indian Lake Progressives; Quinn Bos, Graham Lake Braves; and Sara Hartzler, Tri-49'ers.

Achievement Interview: Anna Sauer, Sarah Jacobs, Jessica Weitgenant and Heidi Enninga.

Citizenship Interview: Kristi Lubben, Jessica Weitgenant, Bridget Enninga and Heidi Enninga.

Leadership Interview: Stephanie Lubben, Sarah Jacobs, Jessica Weitgenant and Heidi Enninga.

Green Clover Awards: Alissa Sauer, Benjamin Cunningham, Kristi Lubben and Bridget Enninga.

Outstanding Beginning Club Youth Leaders: Megan Blanchard, Megan Sauer and Shane Pedersen.

Outstanding Club Youth Leaders: Alissa Sauer, Anna Sauer, Erica Springman, Shelby Springman, Benjamin Cunningham, Kristi Lubben, Stephanie Lubben, Timothy Bents, Sarah Jacobs, Heather Fletcher, Sadie Groenewold, Amber Kamm, Bridget Enninga and Heidi Enninga.

Outstanding County Ambassadors: Alissa Sauer, Anna Sauer, Benjamin Cunningham, Kristi Lubben, Stephanie Lubben, Sarah Jacobs, Jessica Weitgenant, Bridget Enninga and Heidi Enninga.

Ten Years of 4-H: Anneli Dudley, Craig Soderholm, Amanda Versluis, Dawn Bullerman, Derek Drenth, Justin Weidert, Katlin Wiertsema, Kristen Dierks, Kent Knutson, Malik Sampson, Austin VandeKamp, Sarah Jacobs, Sadie Groenewold, Amber Kamm, Alex Hein, Craig Correll and April Wallace.

4-H Graduates: Dawn Bullerman, Andrew Dierks, Alex Ling, Jessica Weitgenant and William Steinmetz.

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