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Orange City man facing assault charges

WORTHINGTON — An Orange City, Iowa, man was arrested Thursday after failing to attend an Oct. 29 arraignment to face multiple charges.

Tony Cesar Chavez, 19, is facing two felony third-degree assault charges, as well as a misdemeanor fifth-degree assault charge and a misdemeanor dangerous weapons charge from an alleged assault that occurred in May.

Chavez was originally arrested May 12 after the Worthington Police Department responded to a call of an assault in the Walmart parking lot. At approximately 3:02 a.m., a 15-year-old witness stated that two men allegedly jumped her uncle — identified as Abel Beraza — and started punching and kicking him.

The witness identified one of the men as “Cesar” and stated to officers that she knew them from Facebook, according to the criminal complaint.

Beraza stated in the criminal complaint that he did not know the two men. He said they approached him to talk and the next thing he knew, he was getting punched. Beraza added that the men left in a red car.

Beraza was transported to Sanford Worthington Medical Center, where it was determined he had two bone fractures to the left septum of his nose. While at the ER, officers saw a red vehicle with Iowa license plates drive past the hospital. As the vehicle passed, the witness stated that the suspect was in the vehicle, according to court documents.

Officers then proceeded to pull over the vehicle, remove the men from the car and perform a standard protective pat search. During the search, officers identified the man with Medina from an identification card located in his front right pocket. As officers’ patted Chavez down for weapons, they located brass knuckles in his right pocket.

Both men were booked in Nobles County Jail that day.

Later that day, officers obtained surveillance video from Walmart that allegedly showed Chavez and Medina talking to Beraza. Medina is shown walking away, and then Chavez is allegedly seen punching Beraza in the head. Medina then ran from the area and also starts punching Beraza.

According to court documents, the video showed Beraza falling to the ground and both Chavez and the other man than kicking him. Afterward, they are both seen leaving in the red vehicle.

Chavez was released from jail in June for this incident, but was ordered to attend the October arraignment. When Chavez failed to attend, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Chavez was booked Thursday into Nobles County Jail on those charges and is being held on a $2,000 bond.

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