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Rummage sale with a cause

Youth group students of the Solid Rock Assembly will be hosting a massive rummage sale from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Max 493 to raise money for their $15,000 goal to donate to organizations that provide clean water for people in Africa. Erin Trester/Daily Globe

WORTHINGTON — The Solid Rock Assembly youth group in Worthington has set a big goal: raising $15,000 for an organization that digs wells in Africa to provide clean water.

The youth group is hosting a massive rummage sale from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Max 493, 1303 Oxford St.

“Every year the youth group of the church sets a goal of donations to give to a charity or organization,” said Pastor Jon Nau of Solid Rock Assembly. “Last year, the kids raised $6,000 to give to charities in India. This year the kids have set a big goal with the $15,000 to go toward clean water for Africa, but we have all year to raise the money.”

The seventh- through 12th-grade students have raised $1,500 through Twitter so far. They hope the rummage sale brings them closer to their goal.

“This rummage sale is student-led, so I’m trying to stay to the side as much as possible and be more of a facilitator,” Nau said.

The rummage sale has a wide variety of items, spanning XBox 360s, Nintendo Wiis, jetskis, various household items, exercise equipment, guitars, games, toys, clothes and more.

“The sale will be set up outside the Max, and it’ll pretty much fill up the whole parking lot,” Nau explained.

Nau said the youth group hosted a rummage sale two years ago, but on a much smaller scale.

“This is quite an undertaking. There will be 20 teenagers setting up for the sale at 4:30 in the morning, so it should be interesting,” Nau said, laughing.

The youth group will donate the proceeds to WorldServe International and is working in partnership with Speed the Light.

WorldServe International is a leading provider of clean water wells in sub-Saharan Africa. Through teamwork and close collaboration with partners, donors and sponsors, WorldServe has completed water projects and life centers serving almost 2 million people throughout eastern Africa.

“WorldServe has probably the most efficient system in bringing clean water to these countries, which is why we chose them,” Nau said.

Speed the Light is a student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides much-needed equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world. Since its beginning, Speed the Light has raised over $253 million for missionary equipment around the world.

“This not only teaches students about raising money for a good cause, but also about responsibility and becoming better people,” Nau said.

Nau said he put on a demonstration to educate the kids about the need for clean water in developing countries.

“I told the kids that every 20 seconds someone under the age of 14 dies from not having enough clean water, and I think that’s when it really hit them,” Nau said.

“I then gave the students a bottle of water and told them they could do whatever they wanted with it, not to guilt them but just to put things into perspective.”

Nau hopes the students reach their goal by the end of the year, but said that without the community’s support they wouldn’t be where they are today.

“I just want to thank the community for all of their donations for the rummage sale,” Nau said. “All of us really appreciate your support.”

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Erin Trester
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