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Signs of encouragement

Members of Solid Rock Assembly’s youth group staged an “encouragement demonstration” in front of Max 493 along Oxford Street Wednesday night in Worthington. Participants held up positive, encouraging signs for motorists to see along the route. Brian Korthals/Daily Globe

WORTHINGTON — Drivers along Oxford Street in Worthington may have noticed a few words of encouragement on Wednesday night.

Middle and high school students from Solid Rock Assembly, 1730 Diagonal Road, stood outside of Max 493 located on 1638 Oxford St., near Walgreens, to offer words of kindness.

“I was on Facebook the other day, and I saw some post about a protest about how God hates all these different things, and it just got me thinking, why don’t people hold up signs about what God loves?” said John Nau, associate pastor for Solid Rock Assembly.

Frontline Student Ministry, Solid Rock Assembly’s youth group, meets at Max 493 weekly for services, coupled with numerous activities throughout the year.

“One student came up with the sign saying ‘God is good like apples,’” Nau said laughing. “They’ve been really creative in coming up with words of encouragement.”

When approached on the idea of an encouragement protest, Nau was surprised at how excited the kids were.

“Some of the ‘cool kids’ who you’d think were too cool for something like this were actually so excited and on board for the event,” Nau explained.

The encouragement protest is something that Nau plans to continue in the future.

“I definitely think this is something that we could do a couple times a year,” Nau said. “I think it’s important for people to know what Christians are for, not just what they’re against.”

Solid Rock has been around for 75 years with the motto, “To love people and spread the word of the gospel to the world.”

“With all tragedy going on in people’s lives, I think if people see the signs, it gives them hope and pushes them to keep going,” Nau said.

For more information on Solid Rock Assembly call 376-5770 or visit

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