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Slayton getting new ambulance truck

SLAYTON — The city of Slayton approved a $10-per-capita agreement for its ambulance service for an amount of $20,610 during a city council meeting earlier this week.

“The ambulance was formerly run by Murray County and then a few years ago it was taken over by the Murray County Medical Center, but how it’s being run is still like its own business,” City Clerk/Administrator Josh Malchow said. “Like any small-town, community-run organization, it’s hard to make ends meet, so we’ve had this budgeted to allow the ambulance service for a new ambulance truck.”

The money will go into a separate account, known as a signed fund balance, solely to purchase the new ambulance. The new vehicle could be available within the next month.

“This has been planned for a couple years now and has been budgeted this year,” Malchow explained. “There is about $120,000 in the fund to purchase the new truck, and I think we will continue with the agreement in future years.

“Jenny Kirchner, the director of the ambulance service, will be presenting to the board to take action either this week or next,” Malchow added.

In addition to the $10 per capita in the city, the agreement also states that townships within the service area pay $35 per section.

“That is pretty common and we actually designed our agreement based on a neighboring district,” said Heidi Winter, Murray County’s auditor/treasurer.

This particular budget is only for the purchase of the new ambulance. The Murray County Medical Center has an operational fund that goes toward maintenance and upkeep of the ambulance service.

“The county created the signed fund balance in 2010 and the amount hasn’t changed, and I believe the agreement will stay every year,” Malchow said.

Malchow, in addition to serving as city clerk/administrator, is also part of the ambulance service.

“Since I’m on the ambulance as well, I kind of wear both hats in this situation,” Malchow said. “I think it’s important for our county to have an ambulance service and for us to have quality equipment.”

Daily Globe Reporter Erin Trester

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