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A solution to Farm Bill impasse

I attended the Aug. 6  Farmfest discussion of the impasse over the Farm Bill highlighted by the input of Congressmen Collin Peterson and Tim Walz. The stalemate is centered around partisan contention of the farm policies which are imperative for a stable food supply as contrasted with the rigid demand of the Tea Party Republicans who are bent on chopping $40 billion out of the USDA food stamp program under the guise of Austrian school “creative destruction economics.” This rancor over the Farm Bill is just another example of partisan gridlock that fuels the devastation of the U.S. economy, and diminishes the conditions of life for an ever-increasing number of Americans, while ensuring obscene profits for too-big-to-fail bankers and Wall Street gamblers.

In the question period I intervened with the proposal to tip over the apple cart by reinstating the Glass-Steagall bank regulation law which Congress abolished in 1999. Then we could pass a Farm Bill and more importantly begin the long-awaited rebuilding and recovery of our nation by employing the American Credit System to build great projects, bring NASA back, etc.

Congressmen Peterson and Walz have endorsed H.F. 129, however, they were reluctant and perhaps afraid to discuss the Glass-Steagall legislation with the Farmfest audience because of all the tremendous pressure brought to bear by Wall Street money and their heavy handed intimidation. Americans are keenly aware that relevant members of our Congressional delegation are owned by Wall Street, but fortunately for posterity, Congressmen Peterson and Walz chose to stand for principle instead of partisanship when they signed on to H.F. 129, The Return to Prudent Banking Act. Incidentally, two Glass-Steagall bills are now active in the U.S. Senate.

There should be no illusions, this is War of American citizens verses Wall Street and the City of London. Glass-Steagall is perhaps the biggest fight in the history of our nation. The stakes are either us or them with no compromise possible. The financial elite are fully armed and engaged because Glass-Steagall will bankrupt them, and once bankrupted, they can no longer suck the lifeblood out of America. They are few, and we are many.

Congress is on recess in August. If you encounter them, offer support and backing. Those who choose not to support Glass-Steagall mark themselves as apologists for the too-big-to-fail-banks to continue looting, which will ultimately culminate in the destruction of America.

Andy Olson