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Students achieve success at regional science fair

WORTHINGTON — Students from Prairie Elementary recently represented the Worthington School District 518 at the Regional Science Fair at Mankato State University. Ribbons were awarded to each student, with purple ribbons the highest award, followed by blue, red and green.

Trayton Rowland received a purple ribbon and Gold Medal for his project, “Which Crystals Grow the Fastest?”

Kyra Van Briesen also received a purple ribbon and Gold Medal for “Baking with Acid.”

A purple ribbon was awarded to Jake Brandner for “Think Fast.”

Rosa Abdela received a green ribbon for “How to Form Clouds.”

Logan Ommen’s project, “Building the Tallest Tower,” was awarded a blue ribbon.

Karissa Bickett achieved a blue ribbon for “Going, Going, Gone.”

Lauren Nelson and Bryn Donkersloot collaborated on their project, “Which Popcorn Pops Best?” and garnering a purple ribbon.

Austin Barber and Jake Ahrenstorff received a blue ribbon for their joint project, “Can Water Leave an Egg Without Popping it?”

A blue ribbon was presented to Ben Dykema for his project, “Magnets on Wheels.”

“Fixed, Movable and Compound Pulleys” captured a blue ribbon for Garrett Clark.

The duo of Jenna Hoffman and Abby Bristow earned a purple ribbon for “Strength of Electromagnets.”

A red ribbon went to Abby Hibma and Elly Hibma for “Perk Your Plant.”