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Technology comes to Water & Light as board receives iPads

WORTHINGTON — Scott Hain turned his chair to show the Water and Light Commission the screen of his iPad.

During Monday afternoon’s meeting, the Worthington Public Utilities General Manager helped the commissioners with their devices, which were handed out Monday. The commission will now be receiving all materials electronically. Hain helped give a tutorial to the five commissioners and walked them through the process of downloading the information.

“Go home and mess around with them and see what you can find,” Hain said.

In a meeting lasting less than an hour, there were three items on the agenda.

The commission began by discussing a customer who had requested the security deposit to be returned. WPU policy states a customer will get the deposit credited after 12 months. The customer in question had made 16 on-time payments.

After a few minutes, the members decided to get an opinion from City Attorney Mark Shepherd.

“Twelve months — well, we have 16, that’s grounds for requesting the deposit,” Commission Member Jim Elsing said. “That’s the way I immediately interpret it.”

The issue, however, was the time before the previous 16 months.

“This situation is a little different because you had three years of inadequate payment history,” Hain said.

Along with sending the issue to Shepherd, the commission will look to clarify the policy. 

The commission also talked about the WPU new website, as the entity is looking to revamp its current site. 

Hain said he has been working with a company to add more pictures to the website. 

“I’m inclined in thinking that we want local pictures instead of just generic utility pictures,” he said. “Now is not the best time of the year to be taking the most flattering pictures.”

The site will feature a sitemap and will be allowed to be translated into any language through a Google Translator.

One key, the commission said, is to make sure the site is updated with information. 

“It’s something I thought of, too, because I had noticed when looking at websites and it says, ‘Last dated July 2008,”’ Hain said. 

Much of the meeting was a tutorial on using the iPad 2, which each member was given as a tool to use for reports and information packets. 

“I don’t have three months ago of these or six months ago,” Commissioner Ron Wood said, holding up his agenda. “Now, they stay there and if I want to refer back to the minutes that we did, we’ll have it on our iPads.”

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