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Ticketed driver allegedly tweeted threats

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News Worthington,Minnesota 56187
Ticketed driver allegedly tweeted threats
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By NICK FERRARO, St. Paul Pioneer Press

HASTINGS — A 20-year-old South St. Paul man upset over a speeding ticket from a Minnesota State Patrol trooper turned to Twitter to threaten to kill the trooper and St. Paul police officers, prosecutors say.

Harrison William Rund was charged Thursday in Dakota County District Court with one count of terroristic threats — a felony that carries up to five years in prison.

Rund admitted to sending the tweets early Tuesday from his home computer under his Twitter handle, @Tha—Answer23, according to a criminal complaint.

The tweets were still on his Twitter account Thursday afternoon.

Rund’s last tweet reads, “throw a grenade in the room, watch all you coppers kaboom” and includes a picture of a group of St. Paul police officers being led by a training officer.

Another tweet that also mentions the St. Paul Police Federation: “im lookin for Zelda boi and whichever trooper pulled me over lastnight gave me a ticket for goin 68 in a 60.”