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Two sought in N.D. shooting

BELCOURT, N.D. - Law enforcement are seeking two suspects in a shooting at a home early Wednesday.

Belcourt is on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation northwest of Devils Lake, near the Canadian border.

Turtle Mountain Tribal Emergency Manager Anita Blue, who also serves as the spokesperson for the tribe, said numerous planes were flying in an attempt to track the suspects.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Office said it's among the agencies responding to the incident and deputies have blocked off roads around Belcourt to assist in the search for two suspects.

Blue said she didn't have specifics on the shooting or victims. However, she said the incident happened at a house in the Eagle's View subdivision, which has approximately 60 homes, in Belcourt.

Rolette County Sheriff Rodney Trottier said his office is assisting in a manhunt for "a couple of individuals" who may be connected to at least one death in Belcourt.

Public schools in the region, the Turtle Mountain Community College and tribal headquarters were locked down for safety's sake, Blue said.

Mike McNeff, superintendent of schools in Rugby, which is about 45 minutes from Belcourt, said Rugby police phoned him between 7 and 8 a.m. to say there had been a shooting and possible homicide in Belcourt.

Police advised a number of institutions in Rugby, including the hospital and the elementary school and high school to go into lockdown, as they weren't sure where the responsible parties were, McNeff said.

McNeff said they did go into lockdown at the elementary school and high school, meaning the doors are locked and they are paying attention to who is around. He said they plan to maintain that status until further notice.