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Update: Iowa primary results, including Lyon County

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SIBLEY, Iowa -- Northwest Iowans headed to the polls Tuesday, voting for federal, state and county offices in the state's primary election.


One of the most contested races was in Osceola County for the office of treasurer, with five women vying for the position. Doris Hoffman earned a strong support in the crowded field, receiving about one-third of the 1,551 votes cast.

There were five candidates for Board of Supervisors District 5 in O'Brien County. James DeBoom led the group with 685 votes.

In the primary race for state office, Northwest Iowa Republican voters made a strong turnout at the polls. In Osceola County, 1,517 voted for one of the three Republican governor candidates. Terry E. Brandstad led that group with 687 votes, while incumbent Gov. Chet Culver, a Democrat, garnered 62 votes.

The results for the other county offices are as follows:

Dickinson County, Iowa

Board of Supervisors District 1: Kenneth J. Eckerman, 51; Robert J. Cosens, 116; William C. Leupold, 291; Gilbert Glenn Zahren, 75.

Board of Supervisors District 2: Mike Koppert, 57.

Board of Supervisors District 4: Paul C. Johnson, 419.

Recorder: Jan Bortscheller, 262; Mardi Allen, 269.

Treasurer: Kris Rowley, 1,773.

Attorney: Melanie Summers Bauler, 559; Jason T. Carlstrom, 1,319.

O'Brien County, Iowa

Board of Supervisors District 4: Tom Farnsworth, 2,262.

Board of Supervisors District 5: James DeBoom, 685; Jonathan Fisch, 458; Dan Friedrichsen, 541; Michael A. Negus, 385; Joe Sweeney, 461.

Treasurer: Phyllis J. Green, 1,716; Ryan Haack, 688; Matthew Lammers, 441.

Recorder: Kurt Brown, 2,356.

Attorney: Bruce A. Green, 819; Micah J. Schreurs, 2,102.

Osceola County, Iowa

Board of Supervisors District 1: Darwin Beltman, 582; Roger Sixta, 942.

Board of Supervisors District 2: Larry Pedley, 1,284.

Board of Supervisors District 5: William H. Imhoff, 783; John Paul Boender, 309; Douglas Hensch, 353.

Treasurer: Shelley Schuck, 118; Amy Smith, 369; Doris Hoffman, 509; Becky S. Marco, 362; Nadine Jean Petersen, 193.

Recorder: Arlene Kuehl, 1,347.

Attorney: Robert E. Hansen, 1,254.

Lyon County, Iowa

Board of Supervisors District 1: Steve Michael, 216.

Board of Supervisors District 5: Kirk J. Peters, 253; John Smidstra, 65; Randal Koll, 189.

Treasurer: Richard G. Heidloff, 1,509.

Recorder: Eldon E. Kruse, 1,511.

Attorney: Carl J. Petersen, 1,337.