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Weber appointed to Senate Rural Task Force

ST. PAUL — Sen. Bill Weber (R-Luverne) was appointed Monday to the Minnesota State Senate’s Rural Task Force. The group will study the needs of Minnesota’s rural communities, including nursing home and health care access, education, transportation, economic development and property taxes. The group will have its first meeting Wednesday.

“I am honored to have been appointed to the Senate Rural Task Force,” said Weber. “This important working group will allow for greater focus on the needs of rural communities. I will continue working for Southwest Minnesota by ensuring nursing home and healthcare access, emphasizing the need for vocational and technical training in secondary schools as well as education funding equity, and working for a sensible tax policy. I would also hope that we might address the ever increasing regulatory burden on our citizens and businesses. It is becoming an increasing area of concern and is hampering economic development and job growth in many areas of the state.”

The bipartisan panel will be made up of four Republicans and four Democrats, all from rural communities. It will also feature involvement from The Association of Minnesota Counties, the League of Minnesota Cities, the Minnesota Association of Townships, the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, the Minnesota Rural Caucus, the Minnesota Association of Small Cities, and members of the Governor’s administration.

The group will meet once per month during the interim and bring forward potential legislation when the 2015 legislative session convenes.