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Well level drop again; ban stays

WORTHINGTON — Six of Worthington Public Utilities’ seven wells at the Lake Bella Wellfield lost ground in the last week, dropping in water levels anywhere from 1 inch to 1 foot, 3 inches.

WPU General Manager Scott Hain said Well 26, the one used to gauge the city’s water supply, dropped 7 inches in the last week.

“We’re losing ground from our 16-year average,” Hain said, adding that the water level of Well 26 has dropped to just 8 inches above the average.

As a result, the ban on non-essential watering will remain in place within the city of Worthington. This means city residents are not allowed to water their lawns or gardens, or wash their vehicles in their yard. The ban is being enforced and violators should be reported to law enforcement.