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What Veterans Day means to me

Editor’s note: The following essays were judged as placewinners in the recent Worthington Elks Lodge Americanism contest.

First place — Eighth grade

Veterans Day is important to me because it represents my freedom as an American. It also represents the bravery of the people in our country. There are people who are willing to risk their lives to fight for our freedom. These soldiers would die for liberty. I think that is very powerful and heroic. These men and women of the armed forces risk their lives daily just to fight for our rights and other countries’ privileges! They do not risk their lives only for the United States; they risk them for other people overseas and countries that they might not even know that much about. It takes so much to do that for us and others. Soldiers have to leave their families, go to training, go to places overseas and risk their lives every day. That is the most honorable act someone can do for our country.

Veterans Day should not just be important for me. It should be important for everyone that lives in the United States. Some people forget what costs go into having a free country. This is not just a monetary cost, but also the lives of people. No one should forget that. All Americans should take time to thank a veteran. These men and women have seen so much that a normal person would not see in a lifetime. Veterans Day is not just important to me; it is important to everyone in the United States, and no one should forget that.

Ashley Kennedy, Jackson County Central

Second place — Eighth grade

Words can not express what Veterans Day means to me. Veterans are not just past soldiers. They are people who had enough courage to give their lives for our country, for all. It would be difficult to imagine what the world would be if American soldiers had not fought for freedom during World War II. Fighting for the lives and rights of others is still what U.S. soldiers are doing today. People do not give as much respect as they should to these brave heroes.

We can not forget about them year round but then on Veterans Day remember them. Every day we should take time to remember what they did for us, and how they risked their lives for us. It gives me chills just thinking about what they did for us. Veterans went through so much anguish, but they never backed out. We will never go through such a grievous situation. If we do, we will have someone to give us consolation. Soldiers have to fight through comrades dying with no one there. When we are enjoying life, heroic warriors are fighting. How many people would be brave enough to leave family and friends to go fight halfway around the world?

Veterans Day means that there were people a long time ago willing to fight. We should realize what they did affects what we do now. Because of them we have freedom, and freedom is what I live for. That is what Veterans Day means to me.

Sarah Holmberg

Jackson County Central

Third place — Eighth grade

Veterans Day to me is sacrifice and freedom. Originally Veterans Day was the mark of the end of The Great War. In modern times on this day, we recognize anyone serving in the armed forces, or anyone who did serve. People just think Veterans Day is just any ordinary day, but it is not. Veterans Day is way more than ordinary! People should pause and think for a moment about those who gave up their lives to fight for our freedom. These men and women are fighting for us!

Veterans Day to me also means saying thank you. Whenever a person sees a veteran, they should say, “Thank you.” Veterans risked their lives for all. The simplest act of remembrance is to show appreciation.

Veterans Day to me is taking time out of a day to pray for all the service men and women in the armed forces. Praying for families and friends who have lost their loved ones is a good way to remember Veterans Day. The people left behind will not have parents, siblings or friends home for birthdays or any holidays.

Not one day goes by when I don’t think about all the people who have or are serving the war. I just want to say, “Thank you,” to all the veterans — especially those who died fighting for my freedom. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be able to do things I love. That is what Veterans Day means to me.

Molly Brinkman, Jackson County Central