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Worthington police advise against utilities scam in region

WORTHINGTON ­— The Worthington Police Department is warning area residents about a scam that is being perpetrated in the area.

According to Worthington Interim Director of Public Safety Kevin Flynn, people have received calls from someone representing themselves as working for the local utilities office, telling them that unless their utility bill is paid immediately, utility services will be shut off. They are told that they must provide a credit card number immediately in order to pay the bill.

Flynn said that Worthington Public Utilities has gotten at least a couple reports of this scam being used locally.

“Anything like this that has got a connection to utilities, people need to contact the utilities department directly,” Flynn urged. “Don’t believe the caller. Hang up and call utilities and talk directly to them. If people have any questions, they can contact us as well. But please, don’t give anyone a credit card number over the phone.