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Worthington’s H&R Block among national honorees

Carolee Anderson (from left), owner of Worthington’s H&R Block, stands with Bob Moretti and Samantha Zishka, tax associate. Submitted Photo

WORTHINGTON — For the second year in a row, Worthington’s H&R Block franchise is in the top 100 franchises in the nation, setting itself up for the chance to win the National Franchisee of the Year Award yet again. 

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“Out of 3,100 franchises in the nation, we are in the top 100, and that’s a big honor for us,” said Carolee Anderson, owner of Worthington’s H&R Block location. “It won’t be announced until November in Dallas who the top franchise is.”

H&R Block tracks all the performance data of every franchise under its operation. That statistic alone gets an individual franchise into the top 100, but a number of other factors are involved in determining who’s No. 1.

“Other factors that improve our chances are our year-to-year growth, but also improvement in client retention — when our customers keep coming back,” said Anderson.

Surveys customers answer about their H&R Block franchise also improve the score of the location, but the final big factor in determining who takes home the prize is something completely unrelated to customers and taxes.

“Beyond that, how they choose the winner is a whole other type of analytics that has nothing to do with numbers, but everything to do with H&R Block’s values, and what we are doing locally to help,” explained Anderson. “We sponsor a lot of local events — for example, Turkey Day, the International Festival and other things. Right now, our big push is to help undocumented folks file tax returns. We want to let people know that if they don’t have a Social Security number and can’t get one, there are other options.”

Another give-back program that Anderson and her franchise participates in is an English-learning program.

“Myself and two others will be helping some adults learn English in the ‘Adults Learning English’ program,” said Anderson.

On top of this honor, Worthington’s H&R Block franchise also earned another award recently.

“H&R Block tracks all of our performance data, and we have helped more people of Latino descent than any other H&R Block in the area,” said Anderson. “That really speaks to how well we are relating to the Latino population who wants to be helped with their taxes.”

Anderson attributes Worthington’s H&R Block’s success in this area to the fact that it has two employees who speak Spanish fluently.

“The Latino population is the fastest population growth in the US, and being part of that growth is really exciting,” said Anderson. “It really helps that we have two employees who speak Spanish as well.”

As Anderson looks forward to Dallas, she reflected on being part of the top 100.

“I’m really excited to see what happens in November,” she commented. “But even just being there is a really big honor for us.”

For more information on H&R Block, which operates over 11,000 company-owned and franchise locations in the U.S., visit its website at, or call Worthington’s location at 376-4108.