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DeGuara faces three charges

SLAYTON -- Joshua DeGuara appeared in Murray County District Court on three case files Monday, on charges that ranged from domestic assault to receiving stolen property.

Judge David Christensen first addressed a file containing charges of domestic assault and disorderly conduct, which was set for an arraignment. DeGuara is accused of fighting with his wife, and biting her on the thigh. The bite reportedly left a perfect imprint of his teeth. When asked what happened, according to the criminal complaint, DeGuara said if he did hit his wife, it was by accident. He fell and landed on her legs, he told authorities. The mark on her thigh, he said, was because his teeth are "sharp and jagged -- it doesn't take much to leave a mark."

DeGuara asked permission to contact his wife to ask her what she wants from their home in Avoca. Having been recently evicted due to non-payment and unsanitary living conditions, the couple was scheduled to be out of the house by Monday. Conditions of release from jail included no contact with his wife, so DeGuara asked that he be allowed to call her regarding their possessions. With permission from Murray County Attorney Paul Malone, the judge agreed to contact by phone for one day only.

On a file regarding a misdemeanor charge of theft, DeGuara pleaded not guilty. His attorney, Stephen Ferrazzano, challenged the probable cause of the case that stemmed from an alleged theft of a propane tank from a neighbor. The tank was found hooked up to DeGuara's residence. Ferrazzano waived any argument, and Malone responded by filing the police reports regarding the alleged theft. Christensen will make a ruling on probable cause in the near future.

On the third case file, which revolves around felony thefts from the Avoca Fire Department, Ferrazzano also challenged probable cause and waived any arguments.