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Nobles County Board Summary of Minutes December 3, 2013

Nobles County Board

Summary of Minutes

December 3, 2013, Regular Session

The Nobles Board of Commissioners met in regular session at the Government Center in the City of Worthington.  Commissioners Robert Demuth Jr., Marvin Zylstra, Matt Widboom, Donald Linssen and Gene Metz were in attendance.

  • Approved agenda as amended and the proceedings of the November 19, 2013 County Board meeting.
  • Mark Koster, Environmental Officer, was acknowledged for the Excellence in Performance Award.
  • Held public hearing and approved Tax Abatement request from Ferrara Candy Company.
  • Adopted resolution amending Public Works’ budget expenditures.
  • Adopted resolution authorizing final payment of completed project.
  • Adopted resolution authorizing agreement for snow and ice removal with MNDOT.
  • Approved Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration on Statewide Health Improvement Program initiatives.
  • Approved four (4) guardianship renewal contracts.
  • Approved nine (9) interpreter renewal contracts.
  • Approved one (1) year extension of Master Grant Contract for Community Health Boards.
  • Approved extension until 12/31/14 of Alternative Work Schedule and Flexible Work Schedule Pilot Programs as presented.
  • Approved early closure of county offices at 3:00 p.m. on December 24th for non-essential employees.
  • Adopted the 2014 Legislative Platform.
  • Approved a Financial Advisory Services Agreement with Northland Securities, Inc.
  • Adopted resolution for authorization and issuance of sale of G.O. Jail Facility Refunding Bonds.
  • Approved November 27th, 2013 travel expenses.
  • Approved claims for payment totaling $4,971,474.16
  • No further business, meeting adjourned at 4:57 p.m.

The above represents a summary of the CountyBoardactions on the listed date.  The full text is available for public inspection in the Nobles County Administration Office and on the Nobles County Web