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Nobles County Board Summary of Minutes

Nobles County Board Summary of Minutes April 22, 2014, Regular Session

The Nobles Board of Commissioners met in regular session at the Government Center in the City of Worthington. Commissioners Marvin Zylstra, Matt Widboom, Gene Metz, Donald Linssen and Robert Demuth Jr. were in attendance.

• Approved amended agenda and amended proceedings of the April 8, 2014 County Board meeting.

• Presented a certificate of appreciation to Chris Heinrichs, retiring Chief Deputy Sheriff.

• A letter from the Minnesota Department of Human Services was read commending Community Services staff in meeting financial reporting requirements.

• Approved a software agreement with Open Gov, Inc. to provide all online maintenance, security and hosting of financial data for one year at the cost of $3,900.00.

• Approved Tract Index Preservation and Indexing at the estimated cost of $31,616.00 to be paid from the Recorder’s Equipment Funds.

• Ed Lenz & Paul Langseth, Nobles Soil & Water Conservation District presented the Board with their Annual Plan and Report Summary.

• Approved an amendment to the AgBMP Loan Program-Multiple Lender System agreement.

• Approved to award contract for pavement marking services to Traffic Marking Services, Maple Lake MN in the amount of $200,316.50.

• Authorized purchase of a 1997 Clark Forklift in the amount of $7,000.00.

• Authorized issuance of a duplicate warrant to Ron’s Repair in the amount of $1,252.47.

• Appointed Bob Wieme of Worthington as Delegate and Mike Woll of Worthington as Alternate to the Regional Trail Plan Update Steering Committee as requested by the Southwest Regional Development Commission.

• Approved the request for office space for the Regional SNAP ED Educator.

• Adopted resolution for Nobles County to act as the legal sponsor for an application for funding for the Frosty Riders.

• Approved amendments to 2014 Nobles County Board of Commissioners Operating Rules and Guidelines.

• Authorized County Administrator to draft request for proposals (RFP’s) to retain a Drainage Attorney and Drainage Engineer for the purpose of the redetermination of benefits of county ditch systems and directed staff to invite the three (3) watersheds and a ditch viewer to the May 6th discussions.

• Approved April 4, 2014 travel expenses.

• Approved claims for payment totaling $1,016,148.12.

• No further business, meeting adjourned at 11:12 a.m.

The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. The full text is available for public inspection in the Nobles County Administration Office and on the Nobles County Web