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School District 518 Notice of Definition of Directory Information

Independent school district 518

Worthington, Minnesota 56187

The Following Public Notice shall be published in the legal section of the official newspaper and displayed on each school’s bulletin board by September 1, of each year:


That Independent School District 518, pursuant to the U.S. General Education Provisions Act and Minnesota government Data Practices Act declares the following as “directory information” as provided in said Act, and that information relating to students may be made public if said information is in any of the following categories:

The student’s name

The names of the student’s parents

The student’s address

The student’s date of birth

The student’s class designation (i.e., 1st Grade, 10th grade, etc.)

The student’s extracurricular participation

The student’s achievement awards or honors

The student’s weight and height if a member of an athletic team

The student’s photograph

The school or school district the student attended before he or she enrolled in Independent School District #518

The student’s access to networked information resources.

Directory information does not include identifying data, which references religion, race, color, social position or nationality.

Any parent of any student in the District may notify the district of their desire that some or none of the above information is to be released without their consent by contacting the building principal in which said student attends and completing the form. This notification must be given to the Distinct within thirty (30) days of this publication notice.

Independent School District 518

Lori Dudley

Clerk, School Board