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Letter: Coleman contributions delay inevitability

Why are Congressional Republicans paying big bucks to keep up Norm Coleman's recount challenge against Al Franken? According to Texas Senator John Cornyn it's all about keeping Minnesota's Senate seat empty for as long as possible, and, in the process stall President Obama's plan for economic recovery.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn told Nation magazine that he's glad that Coleman understands that he "owes it" to his former Senate colleagues to keep the seat vacant. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky gave Coleman the maximum donation allowed under election laws, admitting Senate Republicans need to prevent Minnesota's Senate seat from being filled by a Democrat. McConnell made it clear why; "to maintain power to obstruct Congress." Other Republicans donating the $10,000 maximum include: Sen. John Boehner of Ohio, Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho, Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. Sen. James Imhofe of Oklahoma and Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa threw in $5,000 each.

Norm Coleman and his powerful, moneyed friends are keeping Coleman's lawsuit going despite certain failure to help Washington Republicans block change in Washington. None of these Republicans care about Minnesota. They are fighting an old fashion political turf war at Minnesota's expense. Evidently Norm Coleman feels that he 'owes' them his loyalty, not Minnesotans. So much for Norm's promise to bring people together to get things done.